Rigips dimensions - These sizes are available!

GK panels are available in numerous different formats, depending on the manufacturer. The standard formats are lengths of between two and four meters and a standard width of 1250 millimeters. The most common are panels with 2000 x 1250 or 2600 x 1250, because these dimensions are ideal for interior construction and also require the least studs. However, special sizes also have a reduced width of just 90 cm or 60 cm in order to be easier to handle. When it comes to panel thickness, 9.5 millimeters or 12.5 millimeters are the most common in interior construction, and thicknesses of 15, 18, 20 or 25 millimeters are also often found. There are also particularly thin, so-called flexible plasterboard panels with a thickness of only 6.5 millimeters, but they are rarely found.

One-man plates

One-man panels are reduced in width so that a single craftsman can still handle them easily; they usually have a width of only 60 cm with the same length as the standard panels. In addition, small panels in the format of 1500 x 1000 mm are also very common. They are the easiest to transport, handle and assemble. As a rule, they are most commonly available in thicknesses of 9.5 and 12.5 millimeters.

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Dimensions and prices

The cheapest plates are usually available in the large standard formats. However, since you need a different number of panels for each panel size, and the size of the waste is different for different formats, it is often worthwhile to compare the different panel sizes from the respective manufacturers, especially with large projects you can save. The handling of large panel formats that are not designed as one-man panels succeeds if you work alone, often with so-called self-assembly sets or one-man assembly sets. So it doesn't necessarily have to be one-man records, even if you work alone.