Rihanna: down-without through the African steppe

This time Rihanna has ended up in Africa, where she gets up close and personal with lion cubs and giraffes. The only strange thing is that the singer is not wearing any pants!

Rihanna has already been seen in Thailand with a monkey on her shoulder. Meanwhile, the 'Right Now ' singer has arrived on her current 'Diamonds ' world tour in Africa and has used her day off to visit an animal shelter in Johannesburg.

On her official Instagram account, Rihanna posted photos yesterday in which she is hanging out with a lion cub, a little cheetah and a giraffe. Strangely enough, in the pictures she only wears a t-shirt and high boots. The singer probably thinks that pants are unnecessary.

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The 25-year-old had the Americans Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold with her as professional photographers, who had previously been stars like Jennifer Lopez, P. Diddy and Selena Gomez in front of the lens. Wednesday 16. October, Rihanna is back on stage in Cape Town.
Before her Africa tour, Rihanna was in Thailand, among other places, where she took a little break from tour life. There she not only made sure that ape traffickers were arrested by the police, but as it has now become known, one of her posts also caused an arrest in a sex club.

Last Saturday, 12. October, police raided a bar on Phuket Island after Rihanna posted the following about the sex show establishment a few weeks ago: "Either I was fucking drunk last night or I actually saw a woman who pulled a live bird, two turtles, razor blades, a couple of darts and table tennis balls out of her m ***."According to the 'AP ' news agency, the authorities in Thailand only became aware of the bar through the singer's post.