Robinia wood - what prices should you expect??

Robinia wood is one of the most suitable domestic woods for outdoor use. It can also be used as a substitute for tropical woods without any problems. In this article you can find out in detail what prices you have to calculate for robinia wood and how it compares to tropical wood in terms of price.

Robinia wood as sawn timber

Since robinia wood is a native wood, it can be easily obtained in the timber trade, even in larger quantities. The prices for robinia wood, often also referred to as acacia, are around 950 - 1.100 EUR per m³. Steamed wood is also roughly in this price range.

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Unedged boards

Often, simple raw materials such as unedged boards are also offered by special dealers. Here the prices can differ a little. For example, a 24 x 200 mm board with a length of 3 meters is offered for EUR 26.

Wood quality and source of supply

The decisive factor for the price is always the wood quality and the source of supply. If you buy logs directly in the forest, you of course pay a different price than if you buy steamed wood from a timber dealer. The purchase quantity also always plays a role in the pricing - larger quantities are much cheaper.

Robinia wood as a master product

Unsplinted logs are offered comparatively frequently. By removing the splint, only the robust and weather-resistant heartwood remains. The decisive factor for the price is:

  • the heartwood diameter
  • the trunk length
  • the wood quality (to a lesser extent, as it is usually very high)

The following table gives an approximate overview of the possible prices.

Heartwood diameter Price per meter of trunk length
80-100 mm 12-18 EUR
100 - 120 mm 15-20 EUR
180-200 mm 34 - 36 EUR

Robinia wood compared to tropical wood

Robinia wood can be a good way to replace tropical wood. This can also be worthwhile in terms of price, because most tropical woods are significantly more expensive as sawn timber in the timber trade than robinia wood. Even inexpensive types of tropical wood almost always cost 50% more as sawn timber than robinia.

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Tips & Tricks If you can get robinia wood cheaply as firewood, you have made a good deal: it has the same high calorific value as beech wood and oak wood.