Apply roll-up plaster to the ceiling

Roll-on plaster (€ 49.99 at Amazon *) can of course be used indoors not only for walls, but also for ceilings. It is just as easy to process there, and can be processed from the finished container by inexperienced do-it-yourselfers without great difficulty.

Proper preparation is important

Every roll-on plaster - no matter how skilful it is - has the property of spraying in all possible directions. The masking and covering of the floor with painter's tape is very important here, if you do not want to damage your floor badly. Window frames and window surfaces, window sills, doors and moldings should also be covered with a suitable film. Masking often takes a lot of time, but it is indispensable. When applying the roll-up plaster to the ceiling, an extension handle should always be available so that you can work from the floor instead of having to use a ladder. For those who have not had much practice in this, working from the ladder is very strenuous after a short time, and overall very time-consuming.

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Electric rollers for more efficient work

Some manufacturers also offer electric paint rollers with a special roller for finished plaster, the roller plaster is automatically sucked out of the container and dispensed to the roller in a metered amount. So far, these devices are not very widespread, but especially where there are many large areas to be painted, they can make work considerably easier because there is no need to immerse or strip off the paint. In addition, the plaster application is very even, which also leads to a significantly better appearance with decorative plaster - in addition, the work is much faster. Purchasing such a device can often pay off, especially when major work is being carried out on the ceilings and walls of a house - time and material can be saved here thanks to the particularly even application, and the work is also much more drip-free and cleaner and brings a better optical result.