Saw blade attachment - you should know that

Saw blades must always be securely attached to the saw - this applies to both the saw blades of the jigsaw as well as for the saw blades of a hand circular saw. What options of attachment there are, and what you always have to pay attention to, read in this post.

Attaching a circular saw blade

In general, a circular saw blade is attached with a hexagon screw. To loosen these, without the saw blade turns, the saw blade must first be blocked.

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It is little recommended to hold the saw blade with your fingers. If anything should be used to clangen an pliers to avoid injury. It is better but it is easy to fix the saw blade with a suitable piece of wood, which is clamping between leaf and housing so that the sheet can not move.

Make sure that many of these fixing screws have a left thread! This means that the opening of these screws goes exactly the other way than you would still solve screws. Characteristic when looking at the saw blade: "How I run, so!"

Fastenings in the jigsaw

Stitch saw blades can be fastened differently. For many older saws, the saw blade is locked in its recording over a small plate, which is fastened with a total of 4 screws. If you solve the screws and loosens the plate, you can also pull the saw blade from its recording.

Many modern jigsaws are equipped with a system that allows a very quick change of the saw blades - you only need to solve a locking lever and can then pull out the saw blade.

The saw blade can be locked in some cases also by a single screw in the saw blade reception. The change of the saw blades is then relatively simple - only the screw must be solved. But that can well be screwed with special threads needed for the one to solve special tool.

Tips & Tricks Do you only run work on circular and jigsaws only if the devices were disconnected from the mains (or the batteries have been removed)! Wear for all work cut-resistant gloves to not hurt yourself! Gade saws should always refrain from sawdust and let them cool down before they touch the sheet. Otherwise you may be bombing evil.