Sarina Nowak: Model heats her fans in scarce outfit

Ex-GNTM candidate Sarina Nowak has posted a clear picture on your Instagram channel. Your fans are more than enthusiastic about it!

Like many other celebrities, Ex-GNTM candidate Sarina Novak does not feel like having to quarantine. Apparently she longs for sun, beach and sea. At least that's what your latest Instagram picture suggests. On this she shares a throwback moment from one of her last vacations. But not only the great backdrop is delighted her fans. Especially Sarina's outfit ensures enthusiasm.
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Sarah in scared shorts and croptop

In the picture, the model lures in the sand and her hair labor in the wind. Not to be overlooked is your revealing outfit. Sarina wears a tight shot and combines it with a crop top. From this the lower part of her breasts flashes out. A really great picture that her fans are also enthusiastic about.
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