Paint the bowl - this is how it works

Bowls made of porcelain or ceramic can be painted with simple means. In this way you can create individual gifts or decorate your bowls very differently. There are several ways to paint the bowls. Acrylic paint is suitable, but then the bowls can no longer be used for food. However, special porcelain paints are also available in many colors, hence the instructions here.

Paint the bowls step by step

  • Ceramic paint
  • Washing-up liquid
  • vinegar
  • brush
  • sponge
  • oven
  • Tea towel (lint-free)
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1. Prepare dishes

Whether you want to paint a bowl, a drinking cup or a plate, the dishes must be absolutely clean, dry and free of grease. Therefore, the dishes are first washed with hot detergent and then rubbed with a sponge that has been dipped in vinegar. Then the dishes should be rinsed lightly with clear water and then only touched with the tea towel.

2. To paint

If you use a template, you can easily sketch the outlines of the painting on the porcelain with a soft pencil. Instead of a pencil, you can also use a charcoal pencil. It is important that you do not get any fingerprints on the bowl, otherwise the color will not hold properly.

Then carefully paint your design on the bowl. With glazed porcelain, small errors can often be corrected for a short time.

3. let dry

Read the instructions for your ceramic paint as carefully as possible. Most manufacturers recommend letting the paint dry for about 24 hours. But that can vary, depending on the producer and product.

4th. Branding

No, you don't have to buy a kiln to paint your bowl yourself. After pre-drying, the porcelain is baked in the oven. The relevant temperature and duration required for stoving are specified in the manufacturer's instructions.

It is often stated that your newly designed bowl can then be put in the dishwasher. But in the interest of a long durability of the artistic painting, you should wash the bowl by hand.

Tips & Tricks If you just want to immortalize a lettering or a happy greeting on the bowl, you will find special pens in craft shops that will last a long time on ceramic or porcelain. You can then no longer put the bowl in the dishwasher, but you don't have to bake the color either.