Paint formwork blocks and what you should consider

The so-called shuttering blocks have a hollow core and can be filled with other building materials. They are made from concrete or lightweight concrete. Under certain circumstances it is also possible to paint such stones.

What you should consider when painting concrete blocks

There are many different types of concrete today. Formwork blocks can consist of different materials. If it is concrete or lightweight concrete, painting is generally possible. However, you should keep in mind that there are significant differences between the various concrete surfaces. As a rule, however, concrete elements can be painted relatively easily. The preparation as well as the later painting take place in several steps:

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  • if necessary, grind the concrete surface
  • Perform cleaning work
  • let the surface dry thoroughly
  • apply a primer and let it dry
  • then paint the concrete

Notes on the individual work steps before painting

The effort involved in preparation depends, among other things, on the demands you have on the wall made of shuttering blocks that will be painted later. For the smoothest and even surface possible, you have to sand the wall first, which creates a lot of additional work and dirt. The sanding dust and other dirt must be removed thoroughly, for example with a high-pressure cleaner. However, there is then again a drying time that may last for several days, which you should absolutely adhere to.

The primer and the later painting

Apply the primer with a paint roller or brush, for example, and then let it dry for a sufficient time before the paint can finally be applied to the wall. You can use the same equipment for this. Keep in mind, however, that the paint may need to be applied twice. Only use suitable concrete paints that have good resistance to UV light for the paintwork. If necessary, wall paint is suitable to let the surface shine in the desired color. Make sure, however, that the color matches the primer. If necessary, seek advice from specialist retailers.

Carry out painting work outdoors

For all painting work outdoors, you should keep an eye on the weather and note that you need several days of suitable weather conditions in order to be able to carry out the painting work. Also pay attention to the temperatures at night, which should not drop too much.