Restore the rocking chair optically and technically

Often an old rocking chair belongs to a genetic material. Pretty, but mostly outdated, specimens can also be found at flea markets. Thorough and loving restoration creates radiant pieces of jewelry again. Both the optics and the static stability should be taken into account.

Three work areas

The restoration of a rocking chair is ideally divided into three work phases:

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  • Stability and statics
  • Appearance and optics
  • Convenience and seating comfort

The two common materials that rocking chairs are made of are wood, rattan or bamboo. Material combinations are common, such as wooden frames with braided coverings on the seat and backrest surfaces.

Technical inventory

First the rocking chair is checked. In accordance with the three work phases, a structural assessment is the starting point for restoration. Answers to the following questions should be found in order to plan the cost of a repair and the intervention options:

  • Are all strips, struts and pipes free of damage
  • Are component connections such as screws, glues and windings undamaged
  • Is the rocking chair warped or is the rocking behavior stable
  • Are the runners on the underside smooth and functional
  • Are covers and braids damaged or prone to tearing?
  • Are reinforcements or rails mountable to increase stability
  • Suitable spare parts and accessories can be obtained

Optical inventory

A catalog of questions is also recommended for the visual appearance and condition, which leads to planning solutions for restoration:

  • Can the frame be sanded or stained
  • Can an upholstery be cleaned
  • Do you have to reupholster upholstery or seats and backrest
  • How can new paint be applied by painting or spraying

Additions and improvements

When refurbishing and restoring, the rocking chair can also be provided with expanded and new equipment features:

  • Reinforce solid upholstery with foam pads
  • Sew chair covers or pillows
  • Apply rubber, metal or plastic rails as runners
  • Individual multicolor or painting
  • Mount widening of the backrest pads upholstered or mounted up
Tips & Tricks If you meet for damage in the body of a rocking chair from bamboo and / or rattan, synthetic resins are an effective tool. With resins you can make splinters and cracks "Fill ". With transparent resin are also natural textures and do not have to be overlooked.