Build your own sliding door as a room door - this is how it works

Do they have no space for a real room door? Then the sliding door as an interior door is a neat solution. You can buy them or, with a little manual skill, build them yourself, according to your ideas.

Sliding door as a room door

As an alternative room door, sliding doors are very popular (next to curtains) when there is simply no space for a normal door.

You need:

  • a door leaf
  • a hanging bracket
  • Tools: cordless screwdriver, drill, bits, screws, drill (€ 48.00 at Amazon *) with concrete drill. Possibly. Jigsaw, router, eccentric sander or hand belt sander

How you design the inner door depends a little on your preferences, but also on your manual skills. The easiest option is to buy a large panel at a hardware store, sand it, paint it, or upholster it and hang it up. But you can also get more creative and build a board door.

Build board door

A board door looks a bit like a small barn door and fits perfectly in old buildings, but also as a contrast in a modern apartment. You will need several boards lengthways and two or three cross boards. First you cut the boards to length. Then lay them next to each other and screw on the cross boards from one side. Attach a cross board about 15 to 20 cm from the lower or. upper edge removed, possibly. a third one in the middle. You can sand the boards beforehand or leave them raw. That reinforces the rustic character.

Be sure to oil or paint the door so that the wood doesn't get dirty from touching it.

Mount the sliding door fitting

The sliding door fitting consists of two parts: one for the wall and one for the door. It is best to buy the fitting (you can also build it yourself, but knowledge of metalworking is required and it also makes work). There is a wide variety of fittings, rustic and very inconspicuous.

Attach the parts for the door according to the instructions. Then mount the fitting on the wall with dowels and screws. Use a spirit level to level it.

Hang the door

Once all fittings have been installed, hang the door on.