Slate roof - with this price you have to expect!

Slate is a natural material with extremely long life. A roof covering made of slate will last at least a hundred years, in some cases even several centuries. Where are the current slate roof prices?

The slate roof: the price depends on this

The question of the cost of a slate roof cannot be answered across the board, but if you take a more differentiated view, it is possible to classify the price of each individual building project.

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Of course, the size of the roof area is an important price factor. It also depends on the origin and quality of the slate. Different types of cover also determine the slate roof price.

Roughly speaking, the slate roof is between 60 and 200 EUR per square meter: a large price range that is somewhat equalized with a closer look:

In the price range of around 60 to 80 EUR per square meter, cheap qualities often settle that do not always meet the high expectations of the precious material slate.

From a price of around 100 to 120 EUR one can speak of a luxury cover. The average cost of a replacement is between 80 and 100 EUR.

A project example

A house owner has his 180 square meter roof covered with slate. The preparatory work such as pulling in the battens and laying the underlay cost him EUR 9 per square meter.

The client chooses a slate of medium quality that costs 70 euros per square meter. The roofer pays EUR 22 per square meter for the installation of the uncomplicated type of roofing.

Cost overview price
Preparatory work by the roofer incl. material 1.620 EUR
slate 12.600 EUR
Roofing 3.960 EUR
total 18th.180 EUR

Slate roof: inexpensive imitation

Fiber cement panels can have a slate-like appearance and only cost around EUR 25 per square meter. So you get a nice slate look at a low price!

Tips & Tricks With a roof pitch between 22 and 25 degrees, a double covering must be used for the material slate. Roofing with slate with a slope of less than 22 degrees is not possible.