Buy slate sheets in 20x20 cm

Slate sheets have a wide range of uses: from roof and facade coverings to floor coverings. Find out everything you need to know about this building material here.

Background information

Slate is one of the oldest materials used to clad facades and thus to make them weatherproof. Today the natural stone is extracted mechanically, but otherwise in exactly the same way as in earlier times. As a real natural material, slate is now usually slightly more expensive than industrially manufactured building materials.

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For the covering of the roof and facade there are slates of different sizes and shapes that can be laid in different ways, but 20 x 20 cm is very common. But floor and wall tiles made of slate are also possible, particularly large slabs of slate are used for laying floors.

Current offers

Slates of slate
Slate panel honeycomb 20/20 perforated 1.67 EUR / pc
Slate 20 × 20 rectangle 1.67 EUR
Slates of slate
Slate rectangle, unperforated, 30/20, unperforated 2.86 EUR / pc.
Slate slab Unigenial 20/20 franking 0.60 EUR

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

Before you buy slate, you should be clear about the type of cover - there are also different types of cover for wall coverings and depending on the type of cover, the consumption of slate can be very different.

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Slate is particularly economical due to its durability. Slate does not last for decades, but rather for centuries - this is proven time and again by numerous old buildings. Often slate paneling on the facade only needs to be replaced because the nails are rusted - the slate panels are still intact. From this point of view, the higher price of slate can also be seen as very economical.