Buy slate made of plastic

Artificial slate can in many cases be an alternative to real slate - read all about plastic slate sheets here.

Background information

Natural slate is a relatively expensive matter - slate sheets made of plastic, which can hardly be distinguished from the original in terms of their appearance, offer an enormous cost advantage here. In addition, they can be processed in the same way as slate and can also be used to cover roofs and facades.

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The only problem with this artificial slate is its low UV resistance - the panels can fade over time. The inherently high durability of the artificial slate is significantly reduced.

Current offers

Artificial slate
Plastic shingles 37.77 EUR / m²
Artificial slate in arch cut made of GRP facade 40.70 EUR / m²
GRP slate panels
Plastic shingles with a slate look, 30/20 or 20/20 b2b EUR 27.25 / m²
Artificial slate shingles, 20/20 facade 40.70 EUR / m²

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

Similar to natural slate, the consumption of artificial slate also results from the type of laying used. This may also change the price per square meter accordingly.

Further information on the topic:

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  • Punstein, Alwin and Rühle, Otmar: Slate covering with scales and templates. Müller Vlgs.Ges., 2000.
Artificial slate for weather protection of sensitive facades and for complete systems Artificial slate can also be connected directly to a thermal insulation system - here the artificial slate panels are attached to a ventilated facade construction with insulation. This is an optimal solution for many houses.