Bad sex: 8 things that don't work in bed

Do not worry. It's not about labeling people as bad in bed just because they don't perform like a pro, do dozens of positions and have experience with SM, bondage and threesomes. Because: In the end, really bad sex has nothing to do with bad technique or a lack of experience ...

Unfortunately, bad sex is a gray everyday occurrence in far too many beds. There is heartless teasing and one routine number after the other. However, usually neither the technology nor the ability is missing, but much more important things than that. We're talking about love and passion, energy and empathy. What exactly is bad sex in our eyes? Here are eight things that sex can NEVER be really good at:

1. Ego at work

When you sleep with someone who is only thinking of their own pleasure, it can never be good. True to the motto: "I have come. And goodbye!"To be very clear: sex cannot be worse than with a selfish partner. Point.

2. 1000 thoughts in your head

Sometimes you are not at all relaxed yourself, have a thousand things on your mind and cannot switch off at all. Not even during sex. Passion? feeling? Nothing. Therefore, either delete the to-dos and problems from your head or not have sex. Just pushing an emotionless number without feeling or passion is an extremely sad thing - and bad sex.

3. Doing something that you don't really feel like doing

You've watched some porn or heard about this new technique and want to do all the gymnastics afterwards. Just bad luck that it just feels stupid to both of you and it doesn't suit you at all. So to go through with the whole thing anyway, for fear of losing face, is unfortunately only one thing: bad sex.

4th. Acting for the other

You think the women in front of you were wild and exciting in bed, you find yourself much too good and shy? However, this shouldn't tempt you to play him the wild vamp for an Oscar just so he likes you. Especially if you can't relax for a second while doing it. Wouldn't you find it hurtful if he just played the passion? Bad sex is also when it's not real, just faked.
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5. Doing things that you don't even want to do

If the partner wants sex in a harder pace, bondage, anal sex or that you wear certain things in bed, but you yourself are actually more into flower sex, it is unfortunately such a thing. If you love the other, you will bend for them - and certainly not really feel at home. That is why bad sex is when you allow things to be done for his sake that you really don't want.

6th. Turn off feelings - because the other wants it that way

In other words: having a one-night stand, although you would actually want a lot more from the other and have real feelings for them. Unfortunately, the other person just wants sex - and that ruins everything. Bad sex is therefore also sex that should be less than you would like and therefore hurt you. Because you have a heart.

7th. Sex out of a guilty conscience

Unfortunately, it doesn't work either, because you'll feel awful doing it: Sex out of a guilty conscience. Because you say no so often when he touches you, because you have so little time and inclination to see him and think that that's why you just have to do it again - for him. Not good.

8th. Sex by the clock

There's nothing wrong with a quickie, but sometimes you only have ten minutes to go to the crime scene, until the kids come home from school or until you have to go to the doctor's appointment. Sliding a number while looking at the clock without being able to let go for a second is - to be honest - bad sex too.