Build your own chimney cover

A chimney cover can easily be installed by yourself. In principle, it does not require any approval. It only fulfills an actual function in rare cases. This is why the chimney cover is often referred to as a prosperity hood because of its visual effect.

Shapes, materials and chimney access

In most cases, a chimney cover consists of a metal hood. It is screwed to the chimney walls with metal rods or stilts. Common shapes are rectangles, dormer shapes, round cones and corrugated sheet metal made of stainless steel or copper. Chimney covers made of clay or ceramic are less common in Germany.

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A chimney cover is naturally in most cases in the way of the chimney sweep when he wants to clean the chimney. In order to avoid the respective dismantling, a cover with an opening mechanism can be selected. If the cover leads to smoke nuisance in neighboring buildings, it must be removed again.

Build the chimney cover yourself

  • Lid, roof or hood
  • Fastening stilts
  • Screws
  • Dowels
  • Drill (€ 48.00 at Amazon *)
  • Screwdriver or ring or. Spanner
  • Holding harness

1. To secure

Protect yourself against the risk of falling. An anchored climbing harness from the sports area is best. Pay attention to the wind strength.

2. Drill mounting holes

Drill the mounting holes in the outer sides of the chimney according to the arrangement of the stilts or wire brackets.

3. Insert dowels

Insert the dowels that match the drill hole into the drill holes.

4th. Screw on stilts or wire brackets

Screw the fastening stilts or brackets individually and without a ceiling, roof or hood.

5. Bending the temples

Bend the fastening ends towards the roof, hood or cover so that they can be screwed to the pre-drilled holes provided.

6th. Order chimney sweeps

After the successful installation, order the chimney sweep voluntarily and let him examine your self-made chimney cover.

Ask chimney sweeps

Some manufacturers have developed chimney covers that are said to have a positive effect on the draft behavior of the chimney. A consultation with the local chimney sweep can confirm or deny this property. Under no circumstances should the smoke outlet become too small, as this promotes sooting of the chimney.

Tips & Tricks There are binding rules for the minimum distance between the roof hood and the edge of the chimney. It depends on the lighting material, the length of the entire chimney and its diameter. Ask your chimney sweep before buying.