Demagnetize a screwdriver - this is how it works

Screwdrivers can be magnetized so that even small screws can be screwed in more easily. But when doing other work, a magnetic screwdriver can be a nuisance because metal shavings, for example, also stick to it. In precision engineering, a magnetic screwdriver is also often not desired. Therefore we show here how a screwdriver is demagnetized again.

Remove magnetism again

In the local hardware store or online, there are little helpers with which screwdrivers can be demagnetized quickly and easily. However, you have to know that this usually only works with magnetic screwdrivers that you have magnetized yourself. In most cases, you cannot delete a magnetic screwdriver that you have bought.

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Demagnetize - several times

As with the original magnetization, the screwdriver must also be pulled through the opening several times when demagnetizing. The blade should always be pushed in all the way to the handle of the screwdriver. Take a little time and pull the blade slowly through the demagnetizer. You should repeat this process at least three times.

Where to demagnetize? Enhance the effect

The small demagnetizers often also have a slot in which the screwdriver can be magnetized. Next to it is the slot or the opening in which the demagnetization takes place. This is often built up in stages, which apparently allow different degrees of demagnetization.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers write very little information in the instructions for the little helpers. It is only noted that the screwdriver must be carried out here. Some testers have noted that the demagnetization is probably strongest at the narrowest point of the gradual implementation.

Degaussing in bullet points

  • Screwdriver must have been magnetized by yourself
  • possibly magnetize again first
  • Pull the blade through at the narrowest point of the demagnetizer
  • don't work too fast
  • pull through several times
Tips & Tricks It doesn't matter whether you use an expensive or a cheap demagnetizer. With both variants it can happen that you try to demagnetize the screwdriver several times without success. Sometimes it can work better if you first re-magnetize the screwdriver. Do-it-yourselfers in the various forums have in any case observed that the magnetic charge can then be released better.