Driving a walking excavator - this is how you can learn it

Large and heavy construction machines, especially earth-moving machines, in themselves hold a great fascination for many people. The walking excavator is once again something very special: here work is carried out daringly on steep slopes, the excavator is capable of almost unbelievable entanglements. Read here where you can learn to drive.

Walking excavator

Except for the Beien, the walking excavator resembles a completely ordinary excavator, as you know it from construction sites. The legs of the walking excavator, however, are something very special: Instead of a wheel or chain drive, the walking excavator sits below the driver's cab so-called "walking legs", which can be controlled completely independently of each other and are extremely mobile.

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In this way you can still move forward in very difficult terrain or find a stable stance. In addition, there are also support feet on each "cycling leg".

Ground clearance of up to 1.5 m and tidal depths of up to 2 m are quite possible with walking excavators, the heavier models weigh up to 10 t. Due to their special mode of locomotion (walking), walking excavators are even able to heave themselves onto the loading area of a truck.

Men's playgrounds

Driving a heavy excavator or wheel loader once is the dream of many "real guys ". You can treat yourself to the experience - on so-called men's playgrounds.

Heavy equipment is standing around there on weekends and can be extensively tested for a few hours in an open pit environment. The pleasure is not cheap (around 120 EUR per hour) and appointments are often rare with the popular construction machines on the weekends, but at least you can experience the fun with a little patience and change.

However, there is no special feature like the walking excavator on such playgrounds. That would also be far too dangerous, because in the areas of application in which walking excavators are normally found, a lot of feeling and experience is required to move safely and not to fall.

Training in driving a walking excavator

In principle, a corresponding certificate of proficiency in driving earth-moving machines would be sufficient for use on construction sites; the excavators are normally not moved in road traffic.

However, real training is only available from the main manufacturer Menzi Muck in Switzerland, who also offers driver training and courses for this special excavator. However, anyone who wants to drive a walking excavator should have a very high level of coordination skills - and a tendency towards electronic operating aids, without which one can hardly move.

Tips & Tricks Some walking excavators have also been used as so-called rescue spiders at the THW for a long time.