Drawers under stairs - use space

You can never have enough storage space. So it's a real shame that the space under the stairs goes unused in so many homes. Here is a large room that is properly used and offers space for a lot of things. Whether it's the whole family's shoes or food supplies, there is space for everything with drawers under the stairs.

Use full depth

One puts a chest of drawers under the stairs and uses at least part of the storage space. But the full potential is only tapped with perfectly fitted drawers. A staircase is of course usually wider than the usual cabinet depth or the depth of a chest of drawers. This is why drawers that can be fully extended are required if possible in order to open up the entire depth of the room.

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Apothecary drawers

You know the pharmacy cabinets from the kitchen. Under the stairs, these pull-outs can not only be used for food. No matter what you want to stow away, the pull-out drawer takes up the full depth of the stairs.

Storage space for many things

  • Food
  • Shoes
  • Bed linen
  • Suitcases and bags
  • House bar
  • Books

Shoe store or drawer

Sometimes it can be sufficient if you build large pull-outs that have a front panel with a large handle. These are then simply placed on large rollers so that they can be pulled out under the stairs. Simple shoe racks are then placed on these racks. Depending on the height of the stairs, you can really stow a huge amount of shoes in the bottom drawers.

Trunk under the stairs

The space under the stairs is also well suited for storage space for all the family's suitcases and travel bags. Where the stairs are already relatively high, large pullouts with castors are also installed. Drawer rails are not required for this. Also only one side wall is required for the pull-out. You can attach hooks to this wall according to the size of your luggage. These can be, for example, large iron hooks from the garden or workshop area.

Tips & Tricks Make the fronts of your drawers under the stairs all uniform. The same decor ensures a harmonious picture and thus also contributes to a tidy impression.