"Be proud of what makes you unique ": Everyone advised her to have cosmetic surgery, but she refused

A young Canadian woman was born with a noticeable birthmark. Today she is proud of what makes her special.

Cassandra Naud is 22 years old, a professional dancer and lives in the US state of California. But there is one external feature that is the first thing that strikes you when you look at the young woman. On her right cheek, under her eye, is a large, dark birthmark.

As a child, the native Canadian was often teased for this and, as a teenager, regularly pleaded with her parents to have it removed. But Cassandra's parents feared that the operation would leave a large scar on their daughter's face and refused to do so. But now that the 22-year-old is old enough to decide whether to remove herself, she has changed her mind: she no longer wants to have an operation. Many people advise her to have cosmetic surgery, but Cassandra likes that her mark makes her unique and special.

"My birthmark is a big part of me," says the dancer. "It makes me unique and memorable, which is particularly beneficial for my career."Although her self-esteem is stronger today than it was before, she occasionally has to deal with nasty comments. "For example, an agent told me to use Photoshop to remove the mark from my application images," says Cassandra.

"My birthmark makes me stand out from the crowd - and I never had the feeling that it prevented me from doing things," the young woman continues. "Times are changing and we no longer have to fear being different."Your message to everyone: " Don't let yourself be stopped, but be proud of what makes you unique!"

We totally agree with this beautiful young woman. What distinguishes us from other people makes us special and irreplaceable. So don't strive to look "normal " all the time, just be yourself!