Rarely, but possible: the washing machine door has broken off

It is extremely rare for the washing machine door to break. Something like that only happens by a stupid coincidence. If it happens you'll have to put in a new door. You can read here how it works.

Broken washing machine door

Washing machines are built to be stable because they have to withstand some vibrations. The door is a weak point, however, mainly because it should be open between washes. It can happen that you get stuck on it while passing and accidentally tear it off. Or you can lift the laundry basket underneath and take the door with you.

To avoid such accidents, a tip for you: Of course, you have to be careful with the laundry basket. If the door is in the way, there may be. a solution. Washing machine doors are usually hinged on the left, that is, the hinges are on the left side of the door and the handle on the right. However, if this model does not fit into your home, you can also buy a machine with a door that opens to the right. Possibly. you better get past the machine or. do not bump into it with the room door.

Repair broken door

Now we come to the actual part of the article. If the door breaks, it usually happens on the hinge, it is torn apart. Half of it is still hanging on the door, the other half has stayed on the machine. In this case, unscrew the rest of the hinge from the device and get a new hinge or a new door, resp. a door glass in case the door is damaged. But be careful: the door and hinge must of course match the machine. On some models, the hinges are attached with Phillips-head screws and on others with hexagonal screws.

If the screws are pulled out of the machine, the repair is more difficult. You will probably have to remove the front of the machine (first remove the cover, then loosen the screws at the top, put the washing machine on its side and unscrew the screws at the bottom) to access the mounting plate for the screws. Then you can see whether the plate is still firm or whether it needs to be replaced. How exactly this looks varies from model to model.