Clean the Senseo coffee machine

In order to be able to drink delicious aromatic coffee every day, the coffee machine must be clean and well-maintained. Otherwise coffee residues in the machine will quickly mold and change the taste of your coffee. In the following you will find out how and with what to clean your Senseo coffee machine.

What to clean the coffee machine with?

Most coffee experts recommend cleaning a coffee machine only with clear water as part of the daily cleaning process, in order to prevent the coffee taste from being changed by chemical cleaning agents.

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Fast cleaning, great effect

It is easiest, fastest and most effective if you simply brew an "empty" coffee after use. To do this, take the used pad out of the holder, place a cup under the coffee spout and press the button for a cup of coffee.

Loosen blockages

Despite daily cleaning, it can happen that the pores in the pod holder become clogged. In this case, you can use a toothbrush to work the fine holes and try to loosen the clog. Rinse the pod holder repeatedly with plenty of warm water.
If the blockages cannot be removed with a toothbrush, you can also reach for a pin. However, try the softer method first to avoid scratching surfaces.

The first cleaning

Before using your new Senseo coffee machine, you should clean it thoroughly to remove chemical production residues as well as dust and dirt from transport. To do this, put all of the removable individual parts of the coffee machine in the dishwasher or wash them by hand. Then fill the water tank to the maximum with water and let the water flow through completely once (key combination: press key for one cup and two cups at the same time). Throw away the water. Your new Senseo coffee machine is now ready for use.

Senseo coffee pod machine with milk hose

If your Senseo coffee machine is equipped with a milk hose, it is important to be particularly clean here. After all, milk goes bad quickly, and so does the milk residue in the milk tube. You should therefore rinse the milk tube with warm water after each use. More details can be found in this post: Clean milk hose.

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