Sexism in the office: women have to deal with that at work

What is considered 'certain ' for men is labeled as 'bitchy ' for women.

'The Cooper Review ' draws funny cartoons that show scenes from everyday working life. In one of their last cartoon series, they deal specifically with women at work. People like to say that they are too decisive, bitchy or that they don't seem feminine enough if they just act with determination.

This presents 'The Cooper Review ' in a humorous way and shows "strategies " with which women should be able to cope better in everyday office life. We say in advance that you recognize yourself in these situations and we are shocked how the artists sums up sexism in the office. Warning: This "advice " should of course be enjoyed with a large portion of sarcasm.

Starting with setting a deadline:
"That has to be done by Monday " vs. "What do you think if this is done by Monday?"

9 Non-Threatening Relationship Strategies for Women via @ TheCooperReview // / wpnu9rGhhx / as7HdL6mwe

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"I have an idea " vs. "I'm just thinking out loud now "

"Send me the presentation when it's finished " vs. "Hey Jake! May I take a quick look at your presentation when it's finished? thanks!"

Just don't forget the smileys! But there is more: Even if our counterpart interrupts us, we women should rather not point out that we want to speak. Instead, we should be silent so as not to appear bitchy.

Wow, it's frightening how many such situations we women experience in everyday working life - and how we often unconsciously act like that. It's time something changed!

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