Secure attachment of a roof to the rafters

There are many unskilled and non-professional craftsmen and screwdrivers on the German market. They sometimes offer adventurous constructions from which they tinker with the attachment of a roof to the rafters. Under no circumstances should one-sided angles and other temporary measures be used

A roof can take off and fly

With every roof that is mounted on a building, the question of attachment arises. The rafters on the eaves are ideal for both the front door and the terrace instead of an awning.

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Many do-it-yourself kit vendors and roof sellers are not roofers or carpenters. They often offer surprisingly fragile screw solutions that do not at least stand up to the lift to which a roof is exposed. In addition to tearing down and collapsing the roof, it can also cause serious damage to the rafters and main roof.

Never do without suitable rafter brackets

Rafter brackets are made of steel. They have two wings that are welded diagonally at the angle of the roof slope on the base plate or the foot. They are placed on the rafter and screwed double on both sides. Any other attachment should be avoided. This also applies to "light " constructions like one
Plexiglas canopy.

Brackets or "half" rafter brackets to be fastened on one side are always too unstable. Even lighter materials such as aluminum and acrylic glass develop enormous lift and pulling forces in the wind. If, for reasons of space or construction, the rafters can only be screwed to one side, the rafter bracket elements must be placed in alternating side positions on each rafter.

Pay attention to weight and tension

In the case of very large, self-made canopies, the connection and fastening element can be quite heavy. For canopies with more than ten square meters of roof area, a static report and / or advice should be obtained from a roofer or carpenter. Excessive tensile forces can damage the roof structure.

Tips & Tricks Instead of looking for and buying the rafter brackets individually, you can have a coherent support module welded to you in a locksmith's shop. In terms of price, it is slightly more expensive than individual holders. With this roof fastener you get the most perfect, professional and stable solution.