Sealing fair-faced concrete - you have to pay attention to that

Fair-faced concrete is very robust, but also sensitive to stains. Soiling and soiling can lead to stains that cannot be removed from the concrete. To avoid this, exposed concrete should be sealed.


Not all sealants available on the market are equally good. In addition, not all insurance products are actually suitable for exposed concrete, some are only suitable for practical concrete.

Sealing agents which contain epoxy resin are particularly advantageous. They protect the exposed concrete surface best and most permanently. Dispersion sealants are also a good choice, but no longer quite as effective as they do not penetrate the concrete.

When drying up, it is also important:

  • Remove and fill cracks beforehand
  • Thoroughly clean concrete and remove stains with nitro thinner
  • Smooth out repaired areas
Tips & Tricks You can also use the insurance to beautify your concrete right away: there are also colored seals that can act like a colored coating.