Fair-faced concrete - what has to be considered with the formwork?

The formwork is the counterpart to the concrete component - the formliner for the concrete. In the case of exposed concrete, however, the formwork also has a significant influence on the surface structure of the concrete part. Read here what to look out for.

Formwork elements

Formwork boards are usually used for exposed concrete. They must be suitable for this purpose and have a suitable wood quality. Plastic elements for the formwork are used less often with exposed concrete.

It is important to treat the shuttering boards sufficiently with shuttering oil. In any case, enough should be used so that the wood is well saturated.

Depending on the concrete mix used, the use of release oil can also be recommended. It ensures that the concrete does not stick to the formwork when it hardens. This makes the surface smoother.

Tips & Tricks By inserting foreign bodies between the concrete and the formwork, such as leaves from your favorite tree, you can transfer the shape and structure of these inserted objects onto the concrete surface.