Fair-faced concrete - what does the wall structure look like?

When building walls for exposed concrete, the wall thicknesses above all have to be taken into account. Certain minimum wall thicknesses are required for concrete walls and reinforced concrete walls. In this article, you can read about what to think about and what thickness a wall structure must have.

Minimum wall thickness

Basically, a minimum wall thickness of 10-12 cm applies to concrete walls. In practice, however, this often cannot be achieved with reinforced concrete walls.

The standards require a minimum cover of 2 cm - this means that there must be a layer of concrete at least 2 cm thick over the reinforcement. Usually you get a wall thickness of around 20 cm. There is also an insulation, which also increases wall thickness when it is an outer wall.

Tips & Tricks When planning, always go from the double diameter of the reinforcing iron, and calculate the required cover on both sides. In individual cases, they will also need to use the necessary overlap between the reinforcement.