Sidecut hairstyles: New aspect ratios for the head

Whether in long hair, a Bob or a short haircut - Sidecut hairstyles are still trend!

It is already a little courage to decide for this look, but the result is worthwhile. With a mixture of a touch of androgynity and individuality, Sidecut hairstyles have been a hot coveted trend for some time. We show you how to wear the 'one-sided ' look.

What is a sidecut?

The Sidecut is a further development of the UnderCuts, in which the entire lower hair portion is cut or smoothly shaved. As the name suggests, however, a Sidecut hairstyle is shaved only the page. The top hair stays long from the upper hairline and is styled side laterally. This creates an asymmetric look. This trend can be worn both with short and long hair.

How do I wear a sidecut?

Glamorous, cool or colorful - there are no limits to creativity with sidecut hairstyles. For a glamorous look, you can slightly curl the long section of hair. If you want it androgynous and cool, you can style your hair backwards. This particularly highlights the sidecut hairstyle. It can also be properly staged with color.B. saw at Miley Cyrus. To do this, the singer has dyed the long section of hair platinum blonde and left the short hair on the side dark.
If you're tired of the sidecut, simply cover the shaved area with your long hair. However you want to wear the look, the most important thing is: always shave nicely! Otherwise it quickly looks unkempt and sloppy.

These stars have dared to show how to wear sidecut hairstyles

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Sidecut hairstyles to try out

Who pleased on the one-sided trend, but wants to give up the radical shave, can try the fake sidecut. Although he offers the same optical effect, but you do not have to do without your hair. Instead, the side section is styled tightly by lichen or with hair clips tightly at the head and the remaining hair is worn long on the other side.

Sidecut hairstyles without hair loss: These stars show how it works!

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Let Sidecut wax out

You have enough of the Sidecut and want to let him out? Especially when the lower hair is brief, you should cover the shaved spot with the long hair.
As soon as the hair has become longer on the side, you can also wear a ponytail. Attract both the short and the long hair tight to the rear, to suit both sides as possible. The short side should be fixed with some hair gel.

During the transition period it is particularly important to re-color the sidecut regularly. In this way, the short hair visually adapts better to the rest of the hair.

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