She does not want to hide her illness on the beach - but she has never expected this reaction

The 19-year-old Sara writes a touching message to the woman who thanked her on the beach for her courage.

Sara Gebert from the US state of New Jersey says about himself: "I'm just a girl who can not eat."For the 19-year-old lives with a rare chronic illness, which leads to their digestion not working properly. In addition, she suffers from a gastric paralysis. This leads you to suffer heavy pain and nausea when trying to eat something. Therefore, Sara has to eat everything about a nutritional probe. A Kolostomseintel then empties the content from your stomach.

Sara's disease is incurable, but with several drugs and operations, the symptoms can become more bearable for those affected. However, the many hoses and bags that the young woman wears at all times, but they did not stop this summer to wear a bikini - though they first had to overcome themselves. Sara even wrote an article about a very special experience on the beach.

"Living with an incurable disease is not easy - but it gets harder if the disease will affect your appearance as much as mine," writes Sara. "Nobody can see that I'm not there, but the beach is very different. On the morning I met the decision to carry my bikini in the last second, as if I had nothing special about my stomach. I was so nervous. Every young girl probably has complexes because of her body, but since I got my Kolostomseuton, my hunting!"

Sara wrote the post, especially to thank a strange woman she addressed on the beach. "For everyone else there I was like something from a science fiction movie ", writes the 19-year-old. "But you have seen me as a person. You did not starve my hoses, but looked in my eyes. You thanked me that I'm wearing a bikini, telling me how you used to have an artificial intestinal outcome. You told me I'm an inspiration. And that really means that much."

Both Sara and the loveable woman on the beach have earned a big praise. They show what it means to have self-confidence, courage and joie de vivre. Sara's story continues on your blog.

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