You don't want to be victims anymore - this tattoo artist gives abused women new courage to live

Scars are memories. For women who have been victims of domestic violence, memories are very negative. A Brazilian tattoo artist now wants to help these women.

Women who have been victims of domestic violence often not only suffer from emotional injuries. External wounds and scars also remind the women again and again of the pain they had to endure. Flavia Carvalho, a Brazilian tattoo artist, now wants to help these women. She tattoos the victims over their scars for free and wants to help them come to terms with the past.

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The Brazilian was inspired two years ago. At that time she had a customer who wanted to have a large scar on her stomach pierced. As Mrs Flavia said at the time, a man whom she had recently turned away from a nightclub stabbed her with a knife. The courage and determination of this woman were enough incentive for Flavia to start her project 'Skin of the Flower ' (in English: "The skin of a flower ").

"When she saw the finished tattoo, she was really touched," says the tattoo artist. "That gave me the idea to get free tattoos for women who have been victims of domestic violence or who have had a mastectomy. Each of these tattoos should give them back strength and self-confidence."

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To draw attention to her project, Flavia Carvalho posts the before and after pictures of the scar and tattoo on her Facebook page. With great success, as Carvalho reveals in the interview with 'Huffington Post '. Because since the founding of their site, she will be contacted by women from all over the world.

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This cohesion among women, so carvalho, is what makes them really proud. "But the world is full of things that need to be changed. We still have a long way in front of us if we want to protect women from violence."

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