Pour silicone and how to do it

Silicone is a tough sealant that is very difficult to pour. If you want to cast molds yourself, you should follow instructions to make the silicone more fluid and easier to process.

About the properties of the sealant

With the right means, silicone can be made more fluid and thus poured out if desired. So you can pour molds yourself with silicone and use the sealant better in other areas. Silicone is a sealant with many positive properties that sets itself apart from many other materials. It is sometimes considered a bit difficult to work with because it has a very tough shape, at least with the most commonly used sealants in the form of cartridges from the hardware store.

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How you can process silicone better

If silicone is to get into very small gaps or if you want to make molds for pouring different materials out of silicone, you have to change the properties of the sealant a little by making it more fluid and thus being able to pour molds yourself. However, it is very important to know what type of silicone to dilute:

  • Water-based silicone
  • Silicone with an antibacterial protection
  • Window silicone
  • Rapid sealant

How the silicone can be made more fluid and better poured

The easiest way to dilute the silicone is water-based, namely with water. For other sealants you have to use special thinners available from specialist dealers. Alternatively, turpentine or white spirit can be used in some cases. To dilute, use a small container and add the silicone first. Then add enough thinner to achieve the desired consistency.