Skirting boards in white: high quality or simple qualities

White skirting boards can be an eye-catcher on very light floors. There are very different materials and designs on the market. In this article you can find out what is available, where you can get it and what prices you can expect.

Real wood as the highest quality alternative

Solid wood is of course always the highest quality choice - there are also wood variants that are naturally almost white - however, the appropriate floor must be available for a suitable look.

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Painted variants are much more common, however, and there are also some simpler and therefore often more cost-effective alternatives made from less high-quality materials. With real wood, there are also different cuts that are usually not available in the cheaper alternatives.

Possible materials for white skirting boards

  • MDF - that's the most common alternative to real wood
  • Real wood in white varnish, still very high quality
  • Plastic is also a possibility


The price-proof is of course the wood quality in solid wood, here prices can often vary more or less significantly. The more favorable variants are usually available from 2 - 3 EUR per drive in the specialized trade. Offers often contain the unit price.

Sources on the Internet

  • special shop for skirting boards and footboers - very large selection in all price ranges and versions.
  • lifter.DE The company has been around since 1865 - Wagner's straps is above all a specialist for high-quality solid wood strips.
  • Another special shop on the Internet with a very generous offer and often quite reasonable prices for foot and skirting boards.

So you can save costs

Of course, the decisive factor for the price is always the quality you want. As a rule, however, cheap MDF strips also offer a sufficiently good look if you do not want any special cuts.

Plastic is the simplest alternative and, accordingly, often also the cheapest. In addition, you should always take a look at remaining stock and offers, and maybe look for suitable strips on eBay.

Tips & Tricks Nowadays, all skirting boards can also be attached by gluing - there are special adhesives for this which have a particularly high adhesive force.