Sofa Electrically charged? Here's how to ground your couch!

Microfibre covers prove to be particularly easy to care for in practice, but unfortunately bring a small problem into play: the material often becomes electrically charged and distributes small electric shocks to its users. This is quite uncomfortable and should definitely be turned off. But it is really possible to ground the sofa and thereby divert the voltage?

How to discharge an electrically charged couch

Grounding with a cable from the sofa cover towards the radiator or another metallic object usually does not work as well. This is because microfibre conducts relatively poorly and only a small area is really grounded. The following methods work better:

  • Do not wear rubber soles or clothing made of synthetic fibers indoors
  • Moisten the sofa with a fine spray mist after vacuuming
  • Increase the humidity in the room, e.g. B. through water boxes on the heater
  • Buy anti-static spray for car seats and use on the sofa
Tips & Tricks If you decide to use an anti-static spray, it is best to test it first on a concealed area. This is the only way to ensure that the substance does not damage your cover!