You should open an iron yourself for repairs?

If the iron no longer works, it usually happens when a lot of laundry is ready to be straightened. What could be more obvious than opening the device and checking for yourself whether a repair is possible? Those who are a little familiar with the underlying technology could possibly be successful. However, opening the iron is advisable for every user?

You should do this before you open your iron

You may be able to repair your iron without even opening it. We recommend pulling the power plug first, leaving the device to stand for a while and then trying again to see if it works again.

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Possibly the reason for the defect lies in a loose connection of the power cable, which can usually be replaced reasonably inexpensively. Maybe you just go to the nearest specialty store and try this out.

Also check whether the device is still under warranty, then you can return it for repair free of charge. Of course, this takes a little longer, but opening the iron yourself can void the guarantee and warranty!

Repair the iron yourself?

Before you actually open your device, there is an urgent need to disconnect it from the mains. Also empty the water tank so that no water runs into the technology and this could cause even greater damage.

Be prepared for the fact that the repairs yourself will take a little longer and possibly cost a bit of nerve if you are not a specialist in electrical equipment.

If your focus is not primarily on profitability, but on not always throwing everything away as soon as it breaks, you have good reason to do the screwing on your own.

Tips & Tricks Above all, consider the possible safety problems that can arise after repairs have been carried out by a non-specialist. An incorrectly repaired iron may overheat or the user may come into contact with electricity. You are only immune from this if you are really familiar with electrics.