Sophia Thiel submerged: Now Pamela Reif expresses herself

For a few months now, fitness blogger Sophia Thiel has completely disappeared from the screen. In an interview, blogger colleague Pamela Reif reveals how she thinks about it.

It has now been around five months since Sophia Thiel withdrew from the public. The fitness blogger announced on her YouTube channel at the end of May that she needed a break from social media because the pressure had become too great for her.
Many of her fans suspect that Sophia no longer wants to show herself in public because of her weight gain. Since then, Sophia has not contacted her fans. Total radio silence!

"Please come back soon!"

Nevertheless, numerous fans still comment daily under Sophia's last Instagram picture. Many of her fans are very worried and wonder how the 24-year-old is doing. A fan says: "Hi Sophia, how are you? It would be nice to hear from you."Another follower writes: " Please come back soon!"
Other fans, on the other hand, are very upset and leave a lot of hate on their Instagram channel. For example, a user writes: "Few more pounds, zack, let the fans go sour? Model function, fail."

Look at this post on Instagram

Now it's out - long I wanted to tell you something and so I think I found the best way I can best express myself... On my YouTube channel you now find a video, which is very important to me personally - I give you the reason for my long silence here on social media and what I have exactly in the future. Originally, the whole thing was not really planned and I never thought I've ever had such a development in my life... However, I hope that you can understand my situation and my intention something and can also understand. The link to the video you will find again in my organic. Your Sophia

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