Build your own sink - that's possible?

The high art of DIY is the complete do-it-yourself. In this article you will find out whether you can build a sink yourself, what ways there are to do it and what problems you should consider.

Problems building the sink yourself

If you actually want to build a kitchen sink yourself, you will encounter the first problem with the material:

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  • it should be robust, scratch-resistant
  • it must be completely tight
  • It should have a completely smooth, tightly closed surface

Most rinses are today made of high-tech material, predominantly ceramic, stainless steel or granite. In addition, some more exotic materials are rarely used.

These materials can not be processed themselves, and replacement with the same characteristics is difficult to find. Thus you have to cut up with the self-built sink in some areas.

Self construction made of wood

You can cover wood with a densely closing layer, which finishes it waterproof. Thereafter, different plasters and materials can be applied.

One possibility would be the tadelact used in the bathroom, a special, completely waterproof plaster from a special shell chalk. It can be hydrophobized (made water repellent). However, Tadelakt processing requires a lot of specialist knowledge and experience.

Possibilities and limits

A rectangular sink can certainly be made with OSB panels. Making the wood completely waterproof is certainly a challenge for the material used. There are, however, sealing compounds (€ 15.25 on Amazon *) that may be able to do this.

Difficulties also arise afterwards with the surface. A surface that is not completely smooth will always look "dirty" because it is very difficult to clean. In addition, regardless of the plastering technique, the abrasion resistance of the surface is probably only feasible to a very limited extent.

Tips & Tricks Especially when it comes to the sink, if you want it to be functional, you will not really get around buying a finished product. The only exceptions here are perhaps small pools for the garden, which do not have to be as functional.