Dishwasher won't stop pumping

Modern dishwashers have automatic water level detection components. Sensors and floats ensure that the pump function is switched on and off. If the control is irritated by dirt or standing water, the dishwasher will no longer stop pumping.

Float in floor pan triggers

Both continuous pumping and not pumping out the water are often due to the same cause. Residual water in the floor pan is typical. The water puts a float in the position that tells the pump to pump out.

In almost all brands, the floor pan can be removed from the front. To do this, after disconnecting the power supply, you must unscrew the panel below the front flap. Pour the water out of the bottom pan.

After the next rinse, check whether water has accumulated again. If this is the case, the water-carrying components in the dishwasher must be checked. In rare cases, the electronic control can be broken.