Folding the fitted sheet: Instructions

Folding a fitted sheet can be a real challenge. We explain step by step how to fold your bed sheet neatly and also give you a quick, easier alternative.

Problems folding fitted sheets

Due to the elastic band and the misshapen shape of the fitted sheet, the corners cannot simply be placed on top of each other and thus folded. If you try anyway, the result is usually a messy pile that takes up a lot of closet space. In just a few steps, we will explain to you how you can fold your fitted sheet neatly. The most important thing: you have to stand and should have a table or a large free area in front of you.

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Step-by-step instructions for folding a fitted sheet

1. The first fold

Stand up straight and reach into an adjacent corner at a time. The longer side should be horizontal to the floor so that the sheet does not drag on the ground when folded.

Now slide the two corners together and put one over the other.
Do the same on the other side as well.

2. Shake out

Now reach into the two upper corners, which are now double-layered, and shake out the bed sheet well.

3. Turn right

Now lay the folded sheet on the table as smoothly and neatly as possible. Smooth the corners and edges. To do this, also reach into the pages.

Then hit the right side towards the center once. The edge can either reach all the way to the center or end a few inches from the center.

4th. Turn left

Now turn the left side towards the middle and smooth out all corners and edges again.

5. wrinkles

Now flip the lower edge up on the upper edge and smooth everything out.

Rotate the package 90 degrees and flip the bottom edge up again. If you want it to be even smaller, you can fold it again.

Iron when folding

Many housewives also iron the sheets when they are folded. This has the advantage that you avoid all wrinkles and reduce the air space between the individual layers, so that you achieve an even more compact result.
However, before ironing, you should check whether your fitted sheet can be ironed. You can find out how to understand the ironing information on the care label here.

The quick alternative

Alternatively, you can simply fold your bed sheet two times lengthways and then roll it up like a sleeping bag. You can also roll duvet covers and stack them in the closet.

Tips & Tricks So that you no longer have to search for the bed sheet and the matching duvet cover and pillowcases, you can slide the folded sheet together with the duvet cover into the pillowcase that goes with it. It looks good and saves space in the closet.