Sparkle, baby! 9 ideas for wedding decorations with glitter that aren't cheesy

Of course, glitter is not for everyone. It can look cheesy quickly. We'll show you how to put glitter in the limelight at your wedding.

Glitter at the wedding? Many people quickly associate this with a cheesy princess-girl dream. That is long out of date. Glitter is experiencing a revival in wedding planning and is increasingly being discovered for wedding decorations. Whether a rustic barn wedding, an elegant hotel, or a wedding at the castle - glitter can be stylishly integrated into every wedding, you just have to know how.

Wedding invitation with glitter

The wedding invitation sets the tone for the wedding celebration. With glitter on the wedding invitation, you can give your guests an initial indication of the direction in which your celebration will go.

It doesn't necessarily have to be an opulent glitter wedding invitation. You can also subtly refine your simple wedding invitations with a little glitter spray. For example, only spray the edges with glitter or set certain glitter accents with stencils. You can do the same with the menus or place cards.

Statement: table runner with glitter

Something that you really haven't seen often is statement fabrics for weddings. Present the wedding cake, for example, on a sequin tablecloth. Alternatively, you can also decorate the bridal table with particularly extravagant glitter table runners. Or you can take a more subtle table runner with sequins and lay them out on all the tables.

Ring pillow with glitter

Based on the statement table runners with glitter, it is a good idea to design the ring pillow to match. If you want, you can easily sew a small pillow cover with sequin fabric yourself and cover your ring pillow with it. Alternatively, you can of course also order ready-made glitter ring pillows.

Glittering table numbers

If you have decided on glitter table runners, you might prefer to do without additional glittering table numbers. But for those who find statement fabrics a little too extravagant, glittering table numbers are a perfect way to still add a bit of glamor to the table decoration.

Edible glitter

Edible glitter adds the finishing touch to every dessert buffet. Ask your caterer if they also work with edible glitter. Glittering donuts, cake pops, cupcakes - the possibilities for more glitter on your wedding are limitless. Edible glitter is not necessarily part of the wedding decoration, but a nice dessert buffet can also contribute to the overall look of your celebration.

Wedding cake: glitter for the wow factor

Naked cakes are long gone! In the meantime, the wedding cake can be decorated more lavishly again. How about a layer of glitter, for example?

Glitter champagne bottles

Glitter champagne bottles are a nice DIY project for a wedding. All you need is spray glue and glitter and you're good to go. Alternatively, you can also use glitter spray directly.
A word of warning: Since the champagne bottles should not only look beautiful, but should also be drunk, you have to be prepared for a lot of glitter on your hands. Since glitter has a habit of spreading, it should be found everywhere afterwards. But it's still nice.

Glitter shoes for the wedding

For the bride, who otherwise does not dare, glitter shoes can be a beautiful, gentle introduction to the world of glitter. Most of the time you can't see the wedding shoes under the dress anyway, but the noticeable effect for the bride remains - and they look particularly cool in photos.

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Glittering lanterns

Another easy DIY project is glittery lanterns or candle holders. Simply spray with glitter spray and you're done. And the best part is that the project is very cheap. You can also recycle simple mason jars that you would otherwise have thrown away.

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