Storage stones for the stove

Fireplace stoves have been booming again for some time. In a rustic or modernized style, they decorate and warm up one or the other living room. When choosing a model or for retrofitting, the question of storage stones often arises. We explain below when they make sense.

Are storage stones useful in the stove?

A chimney stove - also known under the term Swedish stove - is characterized by its free-standing construction with connection to the chimney via a stove pipe. Such a stove looks very decorative due to the often delicate feet and narrow silhouette. And that is probably the main reason that many are currently flirting with a fireplace.

In contrast to the times when a fireplace stove still served a functional purpose, today's models mostly find their way into houses that have a permanently installed heating system. So they are usually not needed for the necessary basic heat in the house, but only as an additional heating source and also as a nostalgic furnishing element.

How do storage stones work?

Storage stones are therefore often available as an optional additional module for wood-burning stoves. They act as heat accumulators and are installed above the combustion chamber. They store the heat that rises from the combustion chamber and can then gradually release it again. They do that even after the fire has burned down. This turns the stove from a convection heat device into a radiant heat device. The heat is not distributed directly with the flowing air, but is given off indirectly by the storage medium.

Storage stones and their radiant heat have a number of advantages:

  • No need to add fuel that often
  • Heat is distributed more evenly in the room
  • Less dust generation
  • Less air dryness

A wood-burning stove with storage stones is therefore always useful when it is supposed to carry a significant part of the heating. Because the storage medium continues to give off the heat even after it has burned down, the stove and the room will remain largely warm overnight if you do not re-stoke.

The radiant heat is also more pleasant for most of the people because it is distributed more gently and evenly than the rather capricious convection heat from wood-burning stoves without storage stones. Those who are sensitive to dust and dry air will also benefit from the radiant heat in this regard.