Playmates: These new sex toys are a lot of fun

Fancy a few new models in the toy fleet? Here are a few innovative sex toys that will really get your sex life going.

Whenever you think that the sex toy manufacturers have now invented everything there is to be invented, things turn out differently and you are surprised again - and enthusiastic. That's why we don't want to take the fun and introduce you to a few innovative, new models in beautiful sex toy land. Because you should always expand the vehicle fleet a little. What do you all mean?

The Nova 2 from We-Vibe

Rabbit vibrators are so popular and ingenious because they are so multifunctional. They not only stimulate vaginally and G-spot like a "normal" vibrator, but also the clitoris. So it's perfect for everyone who can't get enough.
The new Rabbit vibrator from We-Vibe, called Nova 2, can do just that, but it has even more capabilities. Since the small side arm for clitoral stimulation is very soft, pliable and flexible, it always sits exactly where you need it and should thus ensure a "blended orgasm ". That means that you come twice, so to speak, vaginally and clitorally.
Of course, the Nova 2 is also a "normal" vibrator that adapts to every movement and body curve and has different modes and intensity levels. You decide when he pampers you dual, when not and how hard it should get to the point. And one thing in advance: the vibration levels and the power of Nova 2 are really impressive.
Tip: If you are fast, you pay less. The Nova 2 has been around since 21. July available and costs 99 euros one-time in the first three months after publication, then 149 euros.
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Small profile:
• New clitoral vibrator with improved flexibility and stability for constant contact
• extra-soft, pliable silicone
• Controllable with the We-ConnectTM app
• two powerful motors
• 10+ vibration modes, 13+ intensity levels that have it all
• 100% waterproof
• rechargeable

Conclusion: No matter how a woman is built, the Nova 2 adapts to every vagina and every pearl. No adjustment or other acrobatics necessary. Plus an undreamt-of power. Perfect!

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"Bang" multi-vibrator from AMORELIE

One sex toy, multiple options: This is how sex works today. And this does not mean different vibration and intensity modes, but even more variety. The Amorelie brand "Bang " vibrator provides a lot of variety with different silicone attachments. The toy with the mint-colored attachment can serve as a masturbator for the penis shaft and - new attachment, new possibilities - with the Berry silicone attachment, both partners have fun, as the recess at the tip encloses either the clitoris or the glans.
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Small profile:

  • changeable & versatile: Bang can be transformed into different sex toys
  • Set consisting of an aluminum vibrator and 3 interchangeable attachments
  • stimulates the vagina, penis and external erogenous zones with and without a silicone attachment
  • can be cooled and heated for temperature games
  • 6 vibration patterns, 3 intensity levels
  • Included in the set: clitoris attachment "Bang 1 " and masturbator attachment "Bang 2 "

Conclusion: One toy, several attachments, and above all for both him and her - that's how toys have to be today. Thumbs up for so much flexibility!

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Satisfyer Connect app

Sextoys that are used via app and Bluetooth connection currently offer undreamt-of possibilities - such as remote control and creation of individual vibration programs.

The Satisfyer Connect app is interesting for all technology freaks. There is a haptic as well as an intuitive menu navigation and various functions, such as playing pre-installed programs, designing individual patterns and rhythms with a simple swipe of the finger on the screen, controlling the timing, intensity, separate motors for multi-motor devices, saving favorite patterns or the exchange with others etc.
There are also exciting features, for example ambient noises such as music or spoken words can be transmitted in vibrations. Or, thanks to Remote Partner, users can connect their app accounts to one another via the Internet and thus hand over control of their app devices to the other. This is a great opportunity to have fun together, especially for people who live in a long-distance relationship.

Small profile:

  • Compatible with all Android and iOS devices

Conclusion: If you like this kind of gadget and are looking for new possibilities, you will definitely have a lot of fun with the app!

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Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Something that has become indispensable in the beautiful world of sex toys for women: clitoral stimulators. They have really shaken the market, and so has the sex life of us women. The fact is: if you want to have an orgasm, you shouldn't ignore the miracle of the clitoris. And these types of clitoral suckers always provide clitoral stimulation.
Now the next generation is in the starting blocks, here with the "Pro 2 " from Satisfyer. Thanks to Airpulse technology, it pampers clitorally - with a whisper-quiet motor and a soft silicone head. Soft to intense pressure waves are freely selectable. No wonder that the toy was named the test winner by Stiftung Warentest with 1.6.
What's new with the next generation of clitoral suckers? Well, the Satisfyer Pro 2 has an optimized button design with which you can click your way through the eleven pressure wave levels even better. It's waterproof as always, but so quiet that you can concentrate on more important things than an annoying noise. Also new: the head made of hygienic silicone is now larger and wider so that it can encompass the clitoris even better.
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Small profile:

  • stimulates the clitoris with intense pressure waves without direct contact
  • Made of super soft, skin-friendly silicone in medical quality, which is smooth to the touch and extremely hygienic
  • waterproof, safe to use in water and easy to clean
  • 11 programs
  • Whisper mode
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 15 year guarantee
  • USB magnetic charging cable included

Conclusion: Clitoral stimulation, quiet but with full power. Perfect for solo sex, but also ready to play for two.

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Air Pulse Satisfyer Curvy 1 +

And another little pamper for the clitoris: The Air Pulse Satisfyer Curvy 1+ offers contactless pressure wave stimulation and combines the whole thing with additional vibrations. It can be used with and without an app and has a wonderfully large variety of programs to offer.
Another plus: Thanks to its handy shape, it lies comfortably in the hand during solo sex as well as during mutual pampering. It is available in a number of colors, e.g.b. in elegant black, bordeaux red or white. It is of course waterproof, so you can have fun in the bathtub or shower and of course it is also easy to clean.
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Small profile:

  • stimulates the clitoris with intense pressure waves without direct contact
  • 2 separately controllable motors
  • Can also be used without an app
  • made of super soft, skin-friendly silicone
  • available in various colors such as black, bordeaux red or white
  • suitable for water
  • Whisper mode
  • 15 year guarantee from the manufacturer

Conclusion: Also a playmate for friends of clitoral stimulation, which will ensure a lot of fun - alone and of course in pairs. Especially for women who only use vaginal stimulation or. Penetration does not come, this toy is worth gold.

And: get in the mood for a few sex toy shopping? Then treat yourself to something nice again and have fun!