Cleaning the spray arms is important for hygiene and function

Regular cleaning of the spray arms in the dishwasher ensures maximum cleaning power. Thanks to a fastening that can be easily removed by hand, cleaning is quick and easy. A monthly cycle is recommended.

Free spray nozzles ensure movement

The cleaning of the spray arms is not only necessary for hygienic reasons. The water pressed through the spray nozzles triggers the rotation of the spray arms. For example, if the upper wash arm does not turn, it could be because the spray nozzles are clogged.

Both the upper and the lower spray arm are released from their anchoring with a slight twisting movement of the attachment nozzle. The loose spray arm can be rinsed under the tap. A thin nail or needle was suitable for cleaning the individual nozzle holes.

If grease residues stick to the spray arm or spray holes appear clogged, a water bath in rinsing water with a degreasing detergent is recommended. The exposure time should be adapted to the degree of soiling.