Stable roofing - whereupon is to pay attention?

The rooftop is attached to the rafters of the roof truss and wears the complete cover of the roof. Even with normal roof tiles, a load of three or four tons can be fast in the roof truss.

High demands on the roofing

In contrast to the rafters, the roofing is not high-client processed, but it is flat on the rafters. Despite this broader support surface, roof slats are not allowed to have too many asteins.

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The roof bar itself is subject to the DIN standard 4074 part 1. There are numerous aspects for the quality of roof slats. This should not only provide a safe roof, but above all for the safety of the craftsman on the roof.

Jobs with Asteinschlüsen are weakened and can already break at low point load. The roofer could injure life-threatening life-threatening on such a latte.

Residual moisture in the wood

Also important, both for the safe construction of the roof truss and in turn for the safety of the craftsmen is the residual moisture in the wood.

It is only allowed to be 20 percent, as the wood can get strong cracks when dried after processing on the roof truss. These cracks could break the roofing length under the load of the cover.

If the wood still contains too much moisture, the sawmill must dry it in a dry chamber before being sold according to the DIN standard.

Sufficient cross section of the roofing

The high load of the roof tiles or stews, which can be three to four tons even at a normal large house, must be completely carried by the roof slats. Add to that another snow load, which lies on the roof in winter.

So in order to determine the right strength of the rooftop, a specialist must calculate the statics of the roof construction. Who makes mistakes here, endangers the well-being and health of the whole family.

Rooftop - the most important thing soon

  • Roof slats according to DIN 4074
  • Number of Asteins
  • Residual moisture
  • Let cross section calculate from the structural engineer
Tips & tricks to a secure roof harvest is not only the cross section of the slats, but also the distance between the individual rafters.

It is precisely determined which roofer in which strength can be processed how far freely processively processed. In most cases, this is merely 70 or 80 centimeters.