Clad steel frame - this is how it works

Anyone who swaps their doors and installs new wooden doors is often not particularly happy with the old steel frame. Even if you adjust the color, the visual connection between wood and metal is usually not particularly beautiful. How to easily change steel frames, read in this post.

Advantages of renovation systems

There are a variety of renovation systems on the market that make cladding old steel frames with wood very easy. They are available for most common frame dimensions and offer a quick and easy way of covering.

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Reduction of the door width

If the original steel frames are clad, you have to reckon with a reduction in the width and height of the door. It is inevitable. With most renovation systems, however, these losses are quite small. So you lose only 3 - 4 cm in height, in total it is usually 7 - 8 cm. If the door was not particularly narrow from the start, this is usually not a problem.

No building rubble and dust

Renovation systems can be installed very neatly without prying open the surrounding wall and without cutting. The renovation frames are precisely fitting prefabricated parts that are simply put together. The work can therefore in no way be compared with removing and replacing the entire frame.


Most providers of such renovation systems offer the typical wood colors to match most wooden doors. White lacquer is also supplied by most suppliers.

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Renovation systems are already quite cheap from many providers, with prices starting at around EUR 120. Depending on the design and frame size, this can also be a bit more expensive.

Alternative: foiling

An even more cost-effective alternative without loss of width is the foiling of frames. When it comes to foils, some providers also have wood designs that look very real. Alternatively, you can of course have wood foils produced and cut accordingly by the supplier. In terms of costs, you have to calculate from around 40 - 50 EUR per frame.

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