Build your own stacking bed - this is how it works

Regardless of whether it's a single apartment, children's room or guest room, the stackable bed is an option where there is little space, but occasionally one more bed is needed. With a little craftsmanship, you can build it yourself.

Build a stacking bed yourself

As the name suggests, the stackable bed can be stacked. It is practically no different from the stacking bed, the two terms are actually used synonymously.

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Cut and assemble the posts and side parts

Our stackable bed consists of four posts and boards as side parts. The posts are so long that they stand on the posts of the lower bed, but overcome the height of the mattresses when the beds are stacked. Make sure that the individual beds are not too high, you should be able to use the bed comfortably even when it is stacked.

The first thing to do is to cut the posts and side panels. It is important that mattresses with standard dimensions fit in.

Now connect boards and posts. You can screw it from the outside, but it is nicer if the fastening is on the inside and is not visible.

Connection between the posts

Posts do not offer a fixed connection if they are only placed on top of one another. If you move around in your sleep, the upper bed could slip and fall down. Because of this, you need to secure the posts.

Drill a hole for a thick dowel (30 mm) in the upper end of each post. It is sufficient if the hole is about 12 mm deep. Also drill a hole on the lower face. Push the dowel in there. It should protrude 10 mm from the surface. When stacking, the dowel is now inserted into the hole provided for it at the top of the post.

Supports for slatted frames

A stackable bed also needs a slatted frame. This lies on side supports, i.e. slats that you screw onto the side panels from the inside.

Make the slatted frame

You will need slats again for the slatted frame. They should be about 1.5 cm thick and 1 cm shorter than the inside width of the bed so that the grate can be easily removed. Place the slats on the supports so that there is a few centimeters of space between them. Then staple the webbing onto the slats. Now the stacking bed is ready.