How to set up the freezer after transporting it

Some types of freezers may not be put into operation immediately after transport. Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, you may have to let the device stand for a few hours. The functionality should not be restricted after transport.

Set up in the right place

Do not place the freezer in a room where the temperature falls below 10 degrees or rises above 43 degrees. There are freezers of special climate classes for such extreme temperatures. Common freezers are not designed for extreme temperatures.

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The installation site must not be near ovens, radiators or stoves. Intensive solar radiation must also be avoided.

Minimum clearances to the freezer

  • Oven and hot plates: 30 millimeters
  • Radiator: 300 millimeters
  • other cooling devices such as refrigerator: 25 millimeters

The air must be able to circulate freely around the freezer. This also applies to the space in between to the wall of the room.
Only place the freezer on a level surface. If necessary, you can readjust the device feet. The feet should have firm contact with the ground.

Leave the freezer to stand

The operating instructions for your freezer explain how to put the device back into operation after it has been transported. Some models have to be left standing for a while before they can be connected to the mains again. This means that coolants flow back that were unevenly distributed in the lines during transport. The newer types of devices no longer need these rest periods. As soon as they have arrived at the new installation site, they can go online and start cooling.

Adjust correctly

When the freezer is plugged in and switched on, set the desired operating temperature. Here you should choose a temperature below minus 18 degrees. To check whether the freezer has survived the transport completely intact, measure the set temperature with a thermometer after a few days. You must read the thermometer immediately after taking it out of the freezer, as it heats up quickly in the air in the room.

Tips & Tricks Large quantities of food keep their quality better if they are not frozen all at once. To do this, they are frozen through for at least 24 hours using the quick freeze function. You can freeze smaller quantities of up to 500 grams without the quick freeze function.