Boot trends 2019: These 4 styles are now in fashion

Boots are not only perfect for winter, they are also super stylish. We'll show you which trends are on the rise in 2019 and how you can best combine the it-pieces.

The days when boots were only used to keep our feet warm are long gone. Fashionable women wear the stylish treads to round off their outfit or to make a real statement. We'll tell you which boot trends are hot this year.

Boot trends 2019: Angled heel boots are in

Boots with a block heel have proven themselves in winter. And this year you can even make a real statement with your heeled boots, because the new boot trend 2019 is: angled heel boots. The boots with beveled heels spice up every outfit.

Styling tip: Angled heel boots can be combined to create a wide variety of looks, and that's because they can be bought in almost all styles. Whether as overknees, cowboy boots or simple boots. Our favorite is the combination of knee-high boots and a simple shirt dress - this way you are elegant and casual at the same time.

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Western boots are one of the 2019 boot trends

Yeehaw, the western boots are back. Whether classic in black, with animal prints or colorful patterns: cowboy boots are a real eye-catcher. The eye-catching boots are indispensable this season and one of the big boot trends of 2019.

Styling tip: If you want to put the eye-catching western boots in the limelight, the best thing to do is to go for the flowery maxi dress in a boho look. So you will definitely stand out. But cowboy boots are also perfect for a simple, black outfit and a cozy teddy coat. Fashion blogger Sonia Lyson shows how it's done.

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Boot trends 2019: animal prints are all the rage

Animal prints are now one of the classics and, just like on scarves, jackets or dresses, it is now impossible to imagine boots without them. That's why the boot trend 2019 is: animal prints - from leopard print to zebra stripes to snakeskin.

Styling tip: Boots with animal prints can be styled simply as ankle boots or as over-the-knee boots. The more the print becomes visible, the more extravagant the entire look becomes. Leo ankle boots, for example, look cool in combination with destroyed jeans and an oversize sweater.

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Patent leather boots are trendy in 2019

Gone are the days when we associated patent leather boots with red light and seduction. This year, the eye-catching boots are totally trendy and with the right style they will attract everyone's attention.

Styling tip: As overknees, patent leather boots can be perfectly styled with a chic checked skirt and turtleneck sweater. This means that you are dressed very elegantly. If that's too conservative for you, you can combine rocky lace-up boots with jeans and a sweater.

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