Apply brushed plaster in the ceiling area

Brush plaster can of course not only be applied to the walls, but also to the ceiling. In particular, if the walls are also plastered with lime or clay plaster, it is of course advisable to use the same plaster for the ceiling.

Avoid complicated and tedious painting

When painting ceilings - unlike when applying roll-up plaster (€ 49.99 at Amazon *) - you cannot simply use an extension rod and work from the floor, as a brush or a tassel would drip too much. Here there is the possibility of applying the brushed plaster, which can almost always be used as a roll-up plaster at the same time, and vice versa, simply with the roller on the ceiling. For plasters that should be painted, such as some clay plasters, or if a clear brush look is also desired on the ceiling, only the ladder remains. But here you can make life a lot easier with a little advance organization.

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Bucket attachment to the ladder and system ladders

To prevent the bucket from tipping over, you should always use a professional and stable bucket attachment. Most suitable for work on the ceiling are what are known as system ladders, which can also be converted into small, movable scaffolding. They make it possible to work on larger areas without having to move the ladder; some systems also have integrated rollers with which the scaffolding can be moved. In this way, you make your work much easier - and system ladders are only slightly more expensive than a normal stepladder, but infinitely more helpful - also for other work in the house and possibly also outside. Such a purchase is definitely worthwhile.

It is best to use a protective suit

Since you have to work overhead on the ladder as well as on the scaffolding, you should make sure that you are protected as well as possible from splashing plaster. In practice, complete protective suits with integrated hoods for such painting and plastering work have proven their worth.