Stress-free moving - a checklist

Whatever your reason for moving, plan it carefully! Imagine the moving company is at the door and nothing is packed. It will be exhausting for everyone. To avoid such a mess, simply use the checklist below!

1.Is the new apartment ready for occupancy??
2.All media work?
3.Company or friends?
4th.Set moving date!
5.Submit a forwarding order to the post office!
6th.Re-register important documents!
7th.Does the old apartment still have to be renovated?
8th.Hand in old apartment!

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The new rental agreement is signed and you have received the keys. So let it begin! Do you want to renovate - a colorful children's room and a classy wall sticker? Then you should realize this before you move. When the apartment is vacated, the desire to renovate quickly disappears.
On this occasion you also check all media: water, gas, heating. Are electricity and telephone already re-registered? Likewise the television connection and the garbage can. After all, you don't want to do without it in your new apartment.
How do you plan to move? Assign a company or invite a circle of friends? If you hire a moving company, you will get around 3 offers from different companies. So you can compare performance and save money in the process. If you want your group of friends to hump the furniture, let everyone know in good time so that they can plan the appointment. This gives the date. You may have to apply for leave? Also think about taking care of the children and pets!
After moving, don't forget to place a forwarding order with Deutsche Post. Alternatively, you can have the post stored at the branch and pick it up yourself. With your important documents such as. B. The new address must be changed on the ID card and driver's license. You normally have 14 days to do this.
The old apartment also has to be handed over. Do you have to renovate beforehand? This is regulated in your old rental agreement. Plan this time too.