Electricity consumption of an old freezer - dispose of or keep?

Freezers run continuously in many households. The energy consumption of older devices is high and many consumers decide to purchase new, more economical devices. Whether the new purchase is financially worthwhile cannot be answered across the board.

Old devices are considered to be power guzzlers

In general, old cooling devices are called real power guzzlers. In fact, when it comes to energy consumption, they do a lot worse than the new devices. According to the manufacturer, the modern freezers should consume little electricity. You therefore save costs and at the same time protect the environment, since you conserve energy reserves. Important aspects are not included in this comparison. The price for the new purchase must pay for itself over several years before the new device actually saves costs in your household. The disposal of the old device and the manufacture of the new device both consume energy resources and pollute the environment. The purchase of new devices over and over again also causes new electronic waste. After weighing all the factors, it may make more sense to continue using a functioning older device.

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Save power with older devices

  • Store frequently used foods on top
  • Avoid white space
  • Pre-cool food to five degrees before loading
  • Ensure a safe door seal
  • Set up the device in a cool room

Check old freezer

The decision to dispose of or keep the old freezer is easier after you have measured the exact consumption values and checked the potential savings of the old device. You can determine the exact power consumption with an ammeter. Old freezers need to be defrosted regularly so that they can work efficiently. They should be in a cool environment. The ambient temperature also influences the power consumption required for cooling. Food freezes faster in the chest if it has been pre-cooled as much as possible before storage. This means that the freezer does not have to perform as well. Create optimal conditions for the freezer to operate. You then use the measured consumption value as a calculation basis for calculating a new purchase.

Tips & Tricks You can use databases on the Internet to find out when it makes sense to buy a new freezer. Here you provide information about your device including the year of construction. As a result, you can read about the energy and money savings that buying a modern refrigerator would bring.