Study shows: THAT are the richest and poorest cities in Germany

Do you live in a rich or poor region?? A new study sheds light on this.

Thanks to a new study by the Economic and Social Science Institute (WSI) of the union-related Hans Böckler Foundation, you can now see whether you live in a rich or poor area of Germany.
In western Germany - especially there in the south - there are many rich regions. In the north, too, in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, average incomes are relatively high.
In parts of western Germany and the east, however, the average income is lower.

These are the richest and poorest cities in Germany

The area with the highest income is the district of Starnberg, southwest of Munich. In 2016, the median income per capita was 34.987 euros. The city of Heilbronn is in second place with an average of 32.366 euros. The Hochtaunuskreis is 31.612 euros in third place.

In the lowest-income region - Gelsenkirchen - the income per capita in 2016 was only 16.203 euros. With 16.881 is Duisburg on the penultimate place. The third from last place goes to Halle (Saale) with 17.218 euros.

This is how the researchers came to their results

The study by WSI researchers Eric Seils and Helge Baumann is based on data from the Federal Statistical Office and the statistical offices of the federal states. The result - a map of Germany in different shades - shows the average disposable income. This is the amount that remains after expenses such as taxes and social security contributions have been deducted from all income, including social benefits.

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